Pre-Press Department
Our pre press department provides a wide range of services including art design, computerized pre-press capabilities, high resolution scanning, plotter proofing, poster printing.  Our equipment consists of:

  • Heidelberg Topsetter CTP
  • Chemical Free Plates
  • Epson 9500 Poster Printer
  • File Transfer Protocol Capabilities

Web Printing
Ideal Printing Company manufactures an affordable variety of open-web printed products tailored to your business needs. Our 35” King open-web press produces high quantity & quality jobs including, but not limited to, single-to-multicolor pamphlets, books, brochures and tabloids.  Additional press features include on-line folding, gluing, perforating and sheeting. 

IPC has a full line of sheetfed presses to suit numerous types of products, which include:

  • Akiyama - 6 color
  • Michle – 2 color
  • Harris single color
  • Chief 15



  • Xerox Color and Black & White Copiers

Not all printers can take a product from concept to delivery in-house. We strive to continually produce jobs in a timely manner while ensuring quality for our customers.   Following is a list of some of the equipment that we currently use in our bindery:

  • 6 pocket Muller-Martini Saddle-Stitcher with 4th & 5th knife trimmer and Cover Feeder
  • 5 pocket Muller-Martini Saddle-Stitcher with 4th & 5th knife trimmer
  • Collator:  8 station Wester Gear Roll Snap
  • Collator:  6 station F160 Form Flow
  • Four 26 x 40 inch Baum Folders (4-3-3-3 sections)
  • Signature Folder
  • Multiple-head Challenge Hydraulic Drill with round-cornering capabilities
  • 42 inch Seybold Channel Program Electronic Spacer Guillotine Cutter
  • 42 inch Polar Paper cutter with Electronic Spacer
  • “L” Sealer for plastic packaging

Additional bindery services: Comb Binding, Laminating, …


Why stop with printing?  Ideal Printing Company offers the following services to assist you with the following mailing services:

Mailing List Processing Services

  • Update your mailing list and supply correct street addresses, cities, states, and zip codes.
  • Insert zip+4 codes for greater accuracy and to maximize postal discounts.
  • Indicate line of travel codes for faster mail delivery.
  • Clean your mailing list by deleting duplicates and segmenting the customers you want to target.

CASS Certification
CASS or Coding Accuracy Support System is a term used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to refer to the verification status of a mailing list. Without CASS certification, the post office has to deal with a huge number of undeliverable mail pieces, which will, of course cost your company a considerable amount of money. CASS Certification is done by making sure your addresses have no typographical errors, include a 9-digit zip code, and indicate a DPC or Delivery Point Code.

By allowing us to presort your mail, you can maximize the postage discounts offered by the USPS. An ideal combination of low cost and efficient delivery time is presorted standard mail with a minimum of 200 presorted pieces. As for mailings of more than 500 presorted pieces, you can go with presorted first class, which has the advantage of discounted rate and prompt nationwide delivery time. If you have a permit of your own, we can presort and mail your project on your permit for you.

Ink Jet Addressing
When you need the addresses on each mailer to be clean and 100 percent deliverable, make sure you go for a printer that has a complete Ink jet addressing capabilities. Our state of the art equipment can handle standard direct mail addressing, extended direct mail addressing, and special direct mail addressing, in addition to printing barcodes, logos, variable text, numbering, and more onto postcards, carrier sheets, envelopes, paper, and even bubble bags!

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss in detail our mailing solutions and additional services such as list purchases, delivery to Post Office, tabbing, inserting, and purchase of mailing lists.


Ideal Printing Company has a large warehouse and provides a “No Hassle” fulfillment program for your company.  Leave the warehousing and logistics up to us so you can focus on what’s important to you........your business.